Woman going to medical school in hopes of landing a Murse

New York, NY –  A medical student name Laura Bennet is pursing a career in medicine in hopes of meeting and marrying a Murse, or male nurse, The Daily Dose has learned.

“I just want to meet the right man,” Bennet told reporters. “One that works odd hours, makes substantially less money than me, and is trained to question everything I do!”

According to sources, Bennet has ‘always dreamed’ of falling head over heels for a man who looks good in scrubs. The doctor-in-training has received praise for ‘spicing up gender stereotypes.’

She has also had the support of those closest to her.

“It’s every girl’s dream,” Bennet’s roommate said. “To work hard, study for years, take on $200k in debt, and then marry for looks.”

Bennet cited other potential benefits like being able to deliver babies at home and starting IV’s on each other after a long night of drinking.


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