Orthopedic surgeon recommends total HIPAA replacement

Chicago, IL – An orthopedic surgeon has recommended a total HIPAA replacement, The Daily Dose has learned. The Health Insurance Portability And Accountability Act causes significant pain and interferes with daily living for healthcare professionals, according to Dr. Johathan Holiday.

“This procedure is long overdue,” Holiday said. “We’ve been limping on this weak policy for more than two decades. My colleagues and I should be able to replace this HIPAA in a couple of hours. Another 3-6 weeks after that and this thing will be as good as new.”

Some physicians questions the need for a total replacement, citing treatment options such as physical therapy, NSAIDs, and arbitrary annual competencies.

“You have to work with what you got as long as you can,” Dr. Ruben Vasquez told The Daily Dose. “This HIPAA has worked well for my clients in family medicine. They love all the paperwork.”

Lawmakers are still on the fence and are unlikely to consider any new healthcare legislation for the foreseeable future.

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