Man wearing scrubs not a doctor

A man wearing scrubs in a San Antonio hospital has been revealed as not being a doctor, The Daily Dose has learned.

According to witnesses, Michael Morrison was seen passing medication and providing other direct patient care, but definitely not doing “doctor things.”

Later it was revealed that Morrison is actually a registered nurse.

“At first I swore he was my doctor,” an elderly patient stated. “Then I noticed his badge and I couldn’t help but laugh. In my day, we beat guys up when they pretended to be girls. A male nurse? C’mon. That just doesn’t happen.”

When asked, even several staff members were unaware of Morrison’s actual role. “Oh that guy, he’s with patient transport,” said Dr. Alfred Winston.

“No, no, no,” interrupted a hospital administrator.”He is definitely with maintenance. I’ve seen him changing the light bulbs a hundred times.”

At press time, Morrison was dealing with several requests for tasks that “required some muscle, but not nursing skills.”

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