ER tech under fire for blood culture appropriation

Boulder, Co. – Local emergency technician Timothy McCafe is facing backlash after carrying out “blood culture appropriation.”
According to witness, McCafe inserted a needle into a patient’s arm and appropriated four large vials of blood.

The patient, who wishes to remain anonymous, told the Daily Dose he was devastated by the incident. “He Just started taking it, so much. All of the rich cultural history that’s been growing in my family’s blood, he just took it as his own.”

The four vials of blood were sent to the lab for ‘cultural analysis’ according to sources.

Hospital administrators have vowed to end such practices, citing that “all blood is equal, regardless of cultures.” McCafe has since been removed from his position with the facility.

“There’s no room for such hate in this hospital,” the Director of Nursing said. “There’s also no room for any type of cultural appropriation, medically necessary or not.”

At press time McCafe was heard stating he was “glad to be able to check his privelage.”

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