Autism vaccine causes controversy

Dallas, TX – A vaccine for the childhood condition of Autism is causing controversy among medical professionals and self-proclaimed Anti-vaxers.

Researchers claim the vaccine will reduce Autism “by close to 50%.” Some physicians are skeptical of the claim, because they say the condition is not a communicable disease.

“Autism isn’t even well understood yet,” Dr. Amani Zeldra told The Daily Dose. “Experts on the condition are still very much in the dark. The only thing we’re really sure of is that it’s not a communicable disease.”

Anti-vaxxers are very conflicted on the idea, according to sources. Several have rejoiced at the idea of “protecting their babies” from Autism, while many other’s state it is simply not possible.

“A vaccine can’t protect against Autism, that’s stupid,” one woman said.”By it’s very nature, a vaccine causes Autism. So even if it prevented Autism at first, the aluminium in the vaccine would eventually cause more Autism to grow!”

At press time several Anti-vaxxers were reportedly undecided, needing “more time to research on Wikipedia.”

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